Who are are

Assist Tutor is a leading private education company providing private tuition in small groups or one to one. The company’s vision is enlightened for more than a decade by the experience and vision of its director Mr Ibrahim SAL.

Based on Mr Sal’s philosophy Assist Tutor created a student centred learning strategy. Therefore, Assist Tuition Centres have always put the students’ success in front of everything. Achieving this hard task was quite a challenge on its own, nevertheless, developing its own dynamic scheme of work has helped the institution to reach its goals.

Apart from preparing its students to higher academic levels, Assist Tutor targets to improve humanitarian qualities of its students. Assist Tutor always advice its learners to become active and helpful with in their societies. Being a good person will always help someone to become more successful regardless of the type of the challenge.

Assist Tutor’s popularity lays in its success. Apart from helping to students get high pass grades in their A levels and GCSE (O Levels) exams, most of Assist Tutor learners achieve high passes in selective school exams, 11 Plus exams and all other national tests. Most of our learners are appointed to national maths and science challenges and they become winners. These success stories create a powerful recommendations about our services through word of mouth. Although we are barely advertising, we are accepting great numbers of enrolment requests.

Our success is our students’ success. We will keep investing into our great teaching team and resources. For your students’ success it is enough to contact us.