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Dear Parents,
I understand that the decision to commit your child's time and your resources to a test preperation programs is an important one. My goal, therefore, is to help you understand how Assist Tutor tutoring program is different from other tuition services options you may be considering.
If you are considering small group tuition, you should know that Assist Tutor specialises in highly personalised, 1 to 1 tutoring in convenience of your home. Though private tutoring is a premium service, it provides your child a level of personalised, tailored instruction that can not be dublicated in a classroom or small group setting. With an Assist Tutor, your child recieves an expert instructor's undivided attention, leading to greator lesson engagement and a higher degree of accountability. Your child's learning needs are the sole focus of the tutor, and the program moves at a pace and difficulty level commensurate with your child's testing abilities.
If you have already decided to work with a private tutor, we want you to know that one to one tutoring is and always has been our only focus. Too often, a test preperation provider will use a curriculum designed for a classroom program in a one to one setting and label that type of test preperation "private tutoring". For a private Assist Tutor session to be as effective as possible, it requires a curriculum designed for the one to one setting, one that can be customised to each student's unique abilities, and which adapts as that student's abilities progress over the course of the program. It is this type of curriculum that Assist Tutor has utilised in its tutoring program since we first began helping students succeed on all subjects over ten years ago.
I invite you to learn more about our services. We are very proud of our results, and would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Ibrahim SAL

“Enrichment beyond the classroom”