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Personalised & effective course program for all age groups
Qualified and inspiring tutors providing teaching aligned to National Curriculum
Free consultation & resources, regular monitoring and feedback on progress for parents

Small Group Sessions

100 Plus Academy is providing small group tuition all around Delhi NCR.
With 12 years of experience, 100 Plus Academy is helping students
to reach their maximum potential
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Success is a Tradition at 100 Plus Academy

In small groups, 1 -to- 1 or online.
Exam specialist 100 Plus Academy has 99% success rate.
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100 Plus Academy

"Recent years have witnessed radical changes in the field of education. Educationists and academicians are trying to evolve a system which removes the stress factor from the system and makes teaching learning process pleasure. The changes in education system are shaping a new reality in the fabric of teachers, educators and aced Emirians. The very environment in which knowledge exists has been transformed as students are no longer mere recipients of knowledge that is taught to then. Now, teachers and students are co creators of knowledge. "

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